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Root and Clay

Monster Spray & Book Bundle

Monster Spray & Book Bundle

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We have partnered with children’s author Marilyn Harary to offer a Monster Spray and book bundle for your little one! Each bundle comes with one book and one 4 oz Stay Away Monster Spray. 

This children's book is a must-have for your bedtime routine. Written in catchy rhyme, it's perfect for beginner readers. The story follows Smarty Locks and her friend Cherry Anne as they have a sleepover and confront Cherry Anne’s fear of monsters together. With beautiful illustrations and a valuable lesson about friendship and creativity, this book is great for both individual reading and classroom use.

Our 4 oz Stay Away Monster Spray is a special creation by the R+C kiddos. They will be making the sprays in their collection under our supervision and receiving their profits. We love their entrepreneurial spirit! 

Here is their sales pitch:
“Does your kid or grandkid have monsters in their room? Are they afraid to go to bed at night? Grab a bottle of STAY AWAY MONSTER SPRAY! 👹👿👺 The lavender scent will also help calm them and help them go to sleep at night!”

Spray in dark corners, closets, under beds, and any other secret hiding places. Spray pillow lightly for the best night of sleep ever!
Made with a witch hazel base to dry quickly and cleanly.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Essential Oils


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