About Us

I’m Rachel, the founder/maker behind Root + Clay.  I live in a small town in southern Ohio. I have a husband and two amazing kids, a son and a daughter. We love to go to church as a family and are constantly on the go with all of our kiddos activities! I have degrees in Occupational Therapy and Healthcare Management. 

A little bit about how Root + Clay (formerly known as BusyBabe Essentials) got started... We had taken my son to countless doctor appointments trying to figure out what was causing his aggression and major behavior changes. After paying very close attention to every small detail in his life to help narrow things down, I realized that his behaviors were related to artificial dyes and some other ingredients that he was ingesting. I removed those from his diet, but still noticed some issues every once in a while. After more research, I realized the dyes in his personal care and hygiene products were causing the same problems. Long story short, I began reading every label to every single thing we used. Holy cow- let me tell you, there are so many unnecessary chemicals and additives in our beauty and self care products! I began making a lot of these items for myself and my little family, and began getting requests from other family members and friends. It just kind of took off and continued to evolve. While a lot of our products are marketed towards women/men, they are also safe to use on kiddos. A few of my favorites to use on my kids are the dry shampoo, herbal bug repellent, lice prevention spray, charcoal teeth whitener to shine up those pearly whites, the anti static spray, and orange creamsicle deodorant. I’m working on some exciting products and our kids line will be expanding in the near future! 

I am currently a one woman show, with a little help on the side from my husband and kids! I create the recipes, test and perfect my creations, make products, package and seal products, package and ship orders, track and order inventory, book/attend vendor events, manage social media accounts.... you name it! It keeps me busy and I love it all! Well, everything except the bookkeeping and taxes!!!! 

Root + Clay’s main objective is to provide these natural beauty and wellness products made with high quality organic ingredients at an affordable price. I hope you love everything you try and I would love to hear your feedback! 

🖤 Rachel