What should I know about choosing a Mineral Sunscreen?

With all of the news releases and recalls of sunscreen lately, we are realizing how important it is to do your research on products you are using on yourself and your family. While choosing a “natural” or “organic” brand seems safe, it’s equally important to know that the company you are purchasing from is very knowledgeable about the ingredients they are using and the process they are using to produce the sunscreen.
👉🏻 Only non-nano zinc oxide should be used in body products. Non-nano particles are much larger and more consistent in size than nano-sized particles. These large particles do not seep through skin pores and therefore do not enter the bloodstream. Many mineral sunscreens use nano zinc oxide because it is less whitening, which some consider more aesthetically appealing than the classic whiteness from non-nano (larger) mineral compounds. Products marketed as “clear” or "shear" mineral sunscreens use nano-sized varieties of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
The only way to ensure non-nano is if the company explicitly states particle size. Non-nano zinc may take a little more blending effort, but it is worth it. Root + Clay always uses non-nano zinc oxide in products.
👉🏻 When producing mineral sunscreen, it is important that the zinc oxide powder is an adequate ratio to the other ingredients and that it is evenly suspended throughout the mixture. While we do have to keep some secrets on how we make sure this is done, we can ensure you that the zinc oxide is evenly distributed throughout our Mineral Sunscreen 😉. (This is often times a reason that zinc oxide sunscreen does not work when an individual attempts to DIY).
We hope this info helps you choose a safe sunscreen for your family and that you will consider giving Root + Clay Mineral Sunscreen a try this summer!☀️
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